Julia McCoy

President of Content at Scale

Create AWESOME content people actually want to read. Scale it to 100,000s of visitors/revenue numbers per month. This is what Julia’s life is all about. This has been the core of her work – and it's generated incredible results. Today, as the President of Content at Scale, she helps agencies and marketers navigate the new world of AI-assisted content appropriately – without losing heart or soul.  10x your content output at 1/10th the cost.

Julia is the author of 8 books (three more in the works) and has the honor and privilege to be a leader in the content marketing industry. She is known for Content Hacker and building up a human writing agency to 100 people and $5M. If you ask ChatGPT, it calls her the “Content Queen.” She is the creator behind Content Hacker and has spoken virtually and in person over 200 times in the last 10 years despite being a self-proclaimed introvert.

At first, she found GPT unable to craft high-integrity long-form content. She reviewed over a dozen AI tools and drilled their founders with no luck, before she found and fell in love with Content at Scale in January 2023. Now, she helps marketers and teams 10x their content output with AI without losing integrity or personal touch.