the Modern
Church Leader Conference

Oct 21-23, 2024

Dallas, TX

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Announcing the conference


Coming soon


Coming soon

The Modern Church Leader conference is a new transformative gathering for church leaders.

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Dive deep into innovative strategies, hone your leadership skills, explore the latest in church technology, and equip yourself with essential tools to elevate and streamline your ministry for a profound impact for the Kingdom of God.

The future of church leadership is here, and it's pulsating with energy and innovation. Are you ready to seize it?

World-class speakers.

World-class speakers

At #MCL2024 we are bringing you the best speakers and the most practical workshops and breakout sessions you've ever experienced at a conference. You'll walk away with actionable steps you can implement right away.

Picture vibrant discussions, collaborative brainstorming, and an energy that sparks creativity. It's not just about what you'll learn; it's about the connections you'll forge and the community you'll become a part of.

Unforgettable activities.

Unforgettable activities

From life-giving worship, incredibly helpful speaking sessions, practical breakouts, and exhibitor and networking environments you'll love.

Explore the showcases where innovation takes center stage, and dive into networking environments crafted for genuine, meaningful connections. At #MCL2024, every moment is an opportunity to enrich your journey as a modern church leader. Stay ahead of the curve and be the first to know by RSVPing now.

We will announce our speakers and activities very soon. RSVP today and be first to know.

Securing your spot now ensures you won't miss out, and, well, choices might get a tad limited if you wait too long. No pressure, just a friendly nudge to grab your spot and join in on the excitement.

Meet us at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.

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500 W Las Colinas Blvd.,
Irving, TX 75039

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Reserve your spot for free at the Modern Church Leader Conference.

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