Wes Gay

CEO of Wayfinder, a StoryBrand Certified Agency

You do business in a noisy world. Reports indicate people get thousands of marketing messages a day. This level of chaos confuses both your customers and your employees. Without clarity, you lose people. And it's hard to get them back. Wes is the chief guide at Wayfinder, a StoryBrand certified agency. He is a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, and a certified StoryBrand guide who helps brands use the power of story to create a clear and compelling message for their employees and customers. Wes helps companies amplify clarity by creating content that connects & converts. As a StoryBrand Certified Copywriter, he has the tools necessary to help you build a better business through a clearer message. Helping you through writing doesn't stop at your customers.

He is a regular contributor to, where he focuses on what companies do to find & keep great millennial talent. So, as you try to further engage the largest generation in the workforce, he help you do that more effectively. No matter your need, he can help amplify your business.