Owen Video

YouTube Marketing Consultant and Host of the Business of Video Podcast

Owen Hemsath (aka Owen Video) is the co-founder of Acceleratus Media and the award-winning Business Growth Strategist and High-Performance Coach behind the Nation’s Most Visible & Influential leaders and brands. He is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers in leveraging and optimizing YouTube and video marketing to establish brands as trusted, best in class, and well-known industry leaders. 

He has consulted for major brands like North Face, Oracle, and Excelon. He has helped his clients achieve millions of views and generate millions of dollars in sales and brand sponsorship. Owen has been invited to speak all over the globe and has been featured in major media like ABC, NBC, KUSI and Social Media Examiner. Owen’s genius expertise and entrepreneurial savvy, won him the Entrepreneur of Year Award and the Business of the Year Award in California. He is the author of the book Social Media Etiquette.