Nona Jones

Chief Content & Partnerships Officer for YouVersion

Nona's journey into ministry began in sixth grade when she attended her first church service, touched by the preacher's message about God's care for the fatherless. By age 17, she was licensed into the Gospel ministry, quickly rising to prominence as a preacher and youth leader, spreading her message across the country. Her professional trajectory soared after earning degrees in Communications and Business Administration, with notable achievements including leading a Fortune 100 company at 23 and receiving the Robert F. Roundtree Rising Star Award for her public sector leadership. Transitioning to the nonprofit sector, she became a respected advocate for juvenile justice reform, speaking at prestigious events like the National Youth Violence Prevention Summit. Nona's unique blend of business acumen and ministry leadership led her to Facebook, where she pioneered global faith-based partnerships. Currently serving as Chief Content & Partnerships Officer for YouVersion, she oversees digital discipleship efforts impacting millions worldwide.