Michael Lepinay

Co-Founder of Clearstream

Clearstream was founded in 2010. In the early years, they were building websites, providing live streaming for churches, and marketing services for businesses. During those first couple of years, we saw that the options for businesses and organizations looking to use texting were less than ideal. So we started building the antithesis texting platform – clean UI, easy to use, and fast. Version 1 was launched in 2013 and they’ve come a long way since then, but the methodology for building great software for the church hasn’t changed – beautiful UI, well-thought-out features, and fast.

Many businesses, including some Fortune 500 companies, were using Clearstream but what they most enjoyed was working with churches. It’s the world they come from and are deeply committed to. In 2016, they pivoted to only providing their texting software to churches and since then have been working with thousands of churches, including many of the largest in the country, across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. They take what they do seriously - building powerful, elegant software for the church.