Nils Smith

Chief Strategist of Social Media and Innovation at Dunham+Company

Nils is married to his wife of fifteen years, Katie, and they have 2 beautiful girls together. They call New York City home and love exploring the city and beyond together. He is a graduate of Texas State University with a degree in Business Management and earned his Masters in Ministry Leadership at Rockbridge Seminary. For the past decade, he spent more than 12 years in full-time ministry and as a consultant to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. He has also had the privilege of being a part of several startup businesses including Splice that was acquired by GoPro.

After serving for over a decade in full-time ministry, he began supporting ministries, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses as a digital marketing and ministry consultant. He also had the privilege of being a partner in several technology startup companies and is currently partnering with the following organizations in these specific functions: Dunham+Company: Chief Strategist Social Media + Innovation -  Mere Technology: Co-Founder - Amplify Social Media: Founder -  Engiven: Business Development and OVRX as Social Media Director.